Knocked Up Nina

First Impressions

Obviously Nina is a little bit of a slut. She looks barely older than 18 and she’s already pregnant. More than that, she’s sharing her pregnant body with anyone willing to spend a little cash. This is a girl that craves attention, and thankfully she’s got the looks and body to warrant that attention. The first thing you’ll notice is her breasts, which have swelled noticeably since fertilization. Her areola are huge, her nipples are big and puffy and her tits are simply enormous. Fans of pregnant porn have found a teen sensation in Nina.

Hot Promises

Nina can’t help but talk about her enormous breasts either. In her welcome note she brings them up, talking about how much she loves them. They show her posing in cute outfits and totally nude, although they’ve censored her snatch; you can’t have that part until you pay the fee. Nina is a solo babe and all her galleries are softcore with the occasional bit of self pleasure thrown in. Nina is hornier now than she’s ever been and it gets her off knowing other people are enjoying her body so come help a pregnant babe have a little pleasure.


After logging in to the member’s area you’ll see that they’ve put some money into the design. The color selection is excellent, browsing is a breeze and the content sections are clearly laid out. They kick things off by presenting the picture galleries on the first page, essentially making your content selection for you. One thing that I find annoying is the total lack of dates on the content. You’ll have no way of knowing how often they update or if they update at all. It’s important to know such things when making a purchase decision, so take the purposeful ambiguity on their part into consideration.

As of October 1, 2007 Nina has produced 49 galleries, most of which feature more than 100 images. Unlike most solo babe sites you can actually tell how close together these photos were taken based on Nina’s state of pregnancy. From start to finish Nina’s belly looks exactly the same so it’s reasonable to surmise that these photos were taken over the period of a month or so. They might have more in storage to be released over time, but once again that’s impossible to know. It’s fair to say that Nina was hired to do a set number of photo shoots and then let loose.

As I mentioned, almost every gallery has more than 100 images. They’re displayed 16 pictures per page and the thumbnails load quickly due to their relatively small size and yet they’re large enough that you’ll be able to make out exactly what’s going on in the picture. The full size images are perfect for someone running at a resolution of 1280x1024 and they’re crystal clear. The photographer they had working with Nina is clearly skilled.

Given that Nina’s pregnant it’s not surprising that the focus of each gallery is on her belly and her swollen breasts. She looks to be 4-5 months along in her pregnancy and she’s glowing, as you often see from pregnant babes. Nina is also quite beautiful and youthful, both of which mean great things for pregnant chick lovers. Obviously, Nina is not afraid to show her body to the world.

She wants everyone to know that she got pregnant from fucking and that she’s having more fun than most people. She gets fully naked in every gallery and there are ample shots of her pussy, which is quite attractive. She keeps it shaved and I couldn’t help but imagine my tongue going to work down there while the beautiful Nina groped her breasts (as she does in almost every gallery).

No solo babe site would be complete without a video collection and Nina has produced 14 of them for her members. They’re organized in the same manner as the picture galleries with two preview images and a short description. In the case of the videos the descriptions are almost entirely useless as they have very little to do with what unfolds on screen. Nina looks hot in the clips and you’ll be happy to know they’re shot separately from her photo sets which means you have her undivided attention.

Although Nina talks about being horny and being naughty on the tour she doesn’t do very much that would be considered naughty in the videos. Instead she simply poses for the camera, running her hands over her body and slowly stripping. It’s definitely erotic, but it feels as though she could do a little more. She doesn’t masturbate and that would have added significantly to the videos. Still, if you’re a huge fan of beautiful pregnant women you’re going to love watching her on video and in the picture galleries.

The videos are also flawed in that you can’t download them. They make the streaming process as painless as possible, but it still pales in comparison to having a copy of the video for yourself. There are three resolutions for each video and they’ve been broken into several small parts to ease fast forwarding. You can also queue up the full scene if you’ve got a robust broadband connection.

Although I like Nina’s pictures and videos I’m most impressed with the bonus content offered. First there’s an archive of more than 1 million images, including more than 100 pregnant babe galleries (with some hardcore mixed in). Next you get access to seven quality solo babe sites built just like Nina’s. None of the girls are pregnant, but they’re all exceptionally hot. Third, you can browse through 101 leased feeds that will give you all the hardcore action you need.

Croco’s Opinion

The solo pregnant babe niche is a fairly small one so it’s nice to see a new site competing for mindshare. Knocked Up Nina stars a beautiful young teenager who happened to get pregnant because of a faulty protection plan. Now she’s an internet star with more than 45 photo galleries and 14 videos to her name. The galleries are very hot and the videos are okay, although she could be doing more in them. When it comes down to it you’re going to like Nina if you like pregnant young women. If not, you’ll probably enjoy the wealth of bonus content that I mentioned above.


The design is flawless. Browsing the photo galleries is a breeze and the videos stream quickly.

Pricing Policy

A 3 day trial will cost $4.99. A one month membership costs $24.95.

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